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Applying is Fast and Free!
Itís easy to apply, and best of all... itís free! 

Once youíre an Affiliate, we will provide you with all the tools you need to start making a difference in children's lives, and making a fantastic commission.

You make a commission every time someone you refer decides to purchase one of our products. 

Our Commission is Very High!
We offer a very lucrative affiliate opportunitiy! You will receive 35% from any sale that is a result of your marketing efforts. 

What is an Affiliate Program?                                                          If you are a customer, and you like the product, you can let others know about it, and make some money doing it.
An affiliate program also allows seasoned marketers to make money even if they don't own a product. Either way - we encourage you to become our affiliate, and share in our success.

But how does an Affiliate Program Work?
Whenever anyone on your site clicks on your affiliate link, the visitor gets associated with your affiliate ID. If the visitor buys our products, we will pay you 35% of the purchase price. An email will be sent to your email address every time a customer makes a purchase.

All you need to do to is send visitors to our sales page, which was already tested and shows fantastic results! Post a link on your web site, send some emails to your list, and YOU WILL receive a substantial commission check every month. It is that easy! is the most known and one of the earliest to implement this strategy, and they have done very well since implementing their affiliate program.

Awesome tracking tools for Affiliates!
We utilize Click Bank to manage our affiliates, track and send payments. Once you've been registered and set up with Click Bank, come back to our "Affiliate Resource Center" which gives you the tools needed to successfully promote our products (additional products are being added constantly)

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