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Develop Your Child’s Genius


The Difficult Part is Believing

        Throughout this journey of working with my children, and now helping other parents achieve great results with theirs, I am observing that the hardest part in this is - believing. You know, when you work with your child, no matter what their age is, you might have to wait for a while, before you see the results of your work.

       When you work with a child that is very young and doesn't speak yet, you rarely know how much the child is learning. The amount and the speed by which children at this age learn, is absolutely amazing. But since they don't talk yet, you don't know the extent of the knowledge they are gaining, the skill and the understanding. 

       If your child can talk already, it's still not sure that you will see the results until some time later. It is not recommended to test your child constantly, to see if he learned or not. Children hate to be tested, and constantly testing them takes the fun out of learning.

       So what is left to do? - Believe

       When you teach your child, or do targeted activities with your child in order to develop certain skills, you have to believe that it's working. And that is the hardest part. But you have to do it, and stick with it. If you stop prematurely, just because you don't believe that it's working, you are actually taking away from your child the opportunity to learn that subject and develop a new skill. 

        Last week I have gotten an e-mail from a subscriber who wrote: "I believe that your child was a genius, and that you are too, but we are normal people, and it might not work for us?" 

        Your child has an endless potential - you have now the opportunity to help your child achieve his maximum potential. In order to do so, you have to believe that it is possible.      

       When you are working with your child, you put a lot of effort and love into it (but it's fun, too, isn't it?) - and one day, out of the blue, your child will show you the results of your work. When you least expect it, your child will show you the familiar words in a book, start reading the book to you, or prove to you that he learned. This will be your big prize!        


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