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Develop Your Child’s Genius


         Brain Speed

         Would you like to train your child's brain to work much faster? Is it possible? What is it good for? 

         I have noticed a long time ago, that my son sees and notices things much faster. When we are out and about, he always notices a lot more details than I do. When we are watching a movie, he will later mention details that I have never noticed. After a recent movie that we have watched, he was able to come up with little details and nuances that I haven't gotten at all. It seems that his eyes see faster and his ears hear faster than mine. His brain works faster too. Because of all this, he is also able to react faster, come up with an answer faster, and solve a problems much faster than most people.  

         If you'd like to train your child's brain to work faster, there are some activities that you can do with your child - in only a few minutes a day, that will train their brain to work at lightning speed! Here are a few of them:

1.  Fast pictures. Create some flash cards with pictures or words (depending on your child's age and ability).

         If your child reads already, start with word cards. Choose words that make up a sentence. Make flash cards that contain the words that you have chosen. Hold the cards in one hand, like a little book, and flip through them, like you would flip the pages of a book, at high speed. Have your child tell you what the sentence is. Practice this several time, increasing the speed of flipping the pages.

          When you feel that your child is ready - increase the speed, or increase the complexity of the material you are working on.

Important: Remember to make it fun and keep it a game. Make sure it's not a frustrating experience! Reduce the speed if necessary and increase it only gradually. 

2.  Speed listening: Play some of your favorite music, recorded at 4 times faster than normal. You can also do the same with speeches and talks. Play some music at fast speed. When you play fast music to your child, you are training his right brain to take over. Since the music is for the most part unrecognizable, the left brain tends to get inactive, and lets the right brain take over during this exercise. This is an excellent exercise for speed as well as right brain training.

            I have prepared some fast music for you that you can download and use immediately. After downloading, you can burn on a CD or play from your computer. Here are the links for you:  

3.  One of the best activities for brain-speed is speed-chess. Teach your child to play chess, and let him play with other children. Get him involved in speed-chess. Speed-chess or Blitz (2 different categories) are a lot of fun, in addition to great training. Your child will learn to see and analyze a situation at high speed, make a decision and act at amazing speeds.              


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