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Develop Your Child’s Genius          

Your Child and the Law of Attraction 

       The Law of Attraction. Have you heard of it? Chances are you have. It is discussed everywhere! Internet gurus, spiritual leaders, speakers, authors and many other experts teach  the Law of Attraction, or LOA as it has been termed recently. To me personally, listening to the LOA makes me feel wonderful. It gives me a feeling that all is possible. Wonderful hope and a light hearted relief of worry. 

       In this article I want to briefly explain what the Law of Attraction is, for you if you don't know it yet, and then explain how you can adapt it to your child, and how your child (and you) will benefit from it for life.

       So what is the Law of Attraction? It's a universal law! It always works, whether you are aware of it or not, and it works in your life right now. It says that whatever you are giving attention, focus and energy to, manifests in your life. Are you focused on what you want? - You will get it. Are you focused on the lack of what you want? That is what will manifest in your life. More lack. 

       Children who are taught this law early are at a huge advantage, don't you think? So how do we teach the Law of Attraction to our children? The concept is not easy, right? 

        There is only one thing required for your child to apply the Law of Attraction. And you can teach it to a very young child. It's a key sentence you can use any time you want. And the sentence is: "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT". You can teach your child by saying it to your child when he whines or complains about something he doesn't want, or you can teach your child to say it to others (even you) when others talk to him about what they don't want. 

        Negativity in our lives usually involves the words "no", "don't", "can't", "not"... when these words are used, you can always turn the sentence around and make it a positive one. 

        This advice really takes only minutes at a time: briefly explain the law to your child. Mention that what we focus on manifests in our lives. And then get into the habit of asking "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT" or "SO WHAT CAN YOU DO" - asking a question that turns the attention and focus to a positive question. Teach your child to ask that question to others when it's applicable. 

        That's it! By taking this easy and simple step, you will make a huge difference in your child's life, and in yours.    

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       To your success!

       Esther Andrews 


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