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What Can I do For my Unborn Baby? 

         I often get questions from subscribers about unborn babies. "I am pregnant and would like to prepare for my baby. What can I do now, before the baby is born?"

         Leading experts in child development now believe that the unborn baby can hear and see much earlier than what we think. Prof. Shichida, the famous Japanese expert, who teaches right brain development, believes that before children are born, their right brain is totally dominant. Therefore, the unborn baby has skills we can't even imagine. Dr. Shichida tells us that the unborn baby can sense the mother's emotions and thoughts! Therefore, it super important for the mother to be happy and relaxed during the pregnancy.

        Dr. Shichida also tells us that the fetus has the ability to heal itself! I have read a testimony from a lady who wrote that when she was pregnant with her daughter, there was a concern that the pregnancy will abort. Her husband talked to the fetus, and told the fetus to "hold on and see the light". The baby was born full term. One day, the little girl told her mother that she heard Dad talking to her when she was in her mommy's belly. 

        Based on the notion that the baby knows what people are talking or thinking around it, and is sensitive to the atmosphere and mood around it, a pregnant mother can start speaking to the baby early on. Talking to the baby in loving terms, creating an atmosphere of love, well being and happiness is the most beneficial thing you can do. Playing beautiful, relaxing music is good for the baby and for yourself, helping you feel happy and relaxed. 

         If you feel like it, you can start reading stories to your baby! You might feel silly at first, but as you progress developing a bond with your baby, you will start feeling that this is natural. 

         Another thing that Dr. Shichida suggests, is trying to "listen" to your baby. If you take a few minutes to do this, sit in a quiet room, where you know that you will not be interrupted. Play some pleasant and relaxing music, if you can. Relax all your muscles in order, starting with your feet, and continue towards your neck and head. Take a few deep breaths and think to yourself: "Relax, relax, relax". Now start putting your focus on your unborn baby. "Listen" to it, and see if you can feel it's feelings, communicate with it, "hear" it talking to you. Fill your heart with love to your baby, and communicate this love to your unborn baby.  

          Do this when you get up in the morning, or just before you go to bed at night. Do this every day. You will develop a wonderful bond with your child, and provide the most wonderful circumstances for your child to develop and grow. 

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       To your success!

       Esther Andrews 


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