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That is my promise!

Your Child, Too, Can Be a Genius !


Imagine how successful your child can be with a brilliant mind, 
     lightning-fast learning skills, an accurate, lasting memory,
creativity and problem solving skills of a genius.

Dear Friend,

My name is Esther Andrews. I am the mother of 2 highly gifted children. My daughter Tammy is a successful psychologist and a Ph.D. student. She works with autistic children, and creates wonders in their lives. I am proud of her. My son Eric is 20, and he, too, is a Ph. D. student, at a famous university. He also teaches math to other students - his own age - at that same university. He has never gotten a grade under  A. I am so proud of him, too! 

When my daughter was one year old, she has already talked and expressed her amazing creativity. When she was 18 months, she has already dictated to me several children's books: her creativity and imagination were amazing!

When my son was 2 years old, he could read to himself some children's books (as you can see in the video below). At the age of 3, he could add, subtract, multiply and divide. In kindergarten, he tested at the 12th grade level in reading, comprehension and vocabulary. in 3rd grade, at Stanford's program for gifted youth, he tested at the 99th percentile for high school children. 


I have done it, and so can you!

When my daughter was born, I have had no idea how to take care of her. I didn't even know how to change a diaper, or how to hold a baby. 

But I knew that I want to give her the best chances for a good, successful, fulfilling life a child has ever had. 

When my son was born, I already had some experience, and - again - I have decided to give him the best opportunities I could. 

I have started my own research. I have read every book on the market, I have tried my own methods, I have talked with parents of gifted children, I have watched what parents of the most brilliant children are doing with their kids. I have tried every technique I have heard about on my own children.

I went from an inexperienced, new mother, to a mother of 2 highly gifted children, and later became the principal of the "School for Gifted Education" in San Jose, California.

This is my story.

MY PHILOSOPHY: Every child is born a genius! What you do with the child, is what determines how much of his potential he will achieve!

Would you like your child to develop his innate abilities and become a gifted child? 

Would you like your child to have an easy time at school, to be at the top of his class?

Would you like your child to participate in all the special programs for gifted children?

Would you like your child to get accepted to the best universities - and get all the best scholarships? 

Watch a video of Eric at age 2,
reading to himself from a book

(Takes a little while to load, thanks for your patience). 

   In this package:

"The Manual Your Child Should Have Come With:

How to Develop Your Child's Genius"

I will tell you how I did it, and how you can do it too.


You will learn:

    When should I start teaching my child, so that he will learn fastest and develop his brain to achieve his maximum ability?

    What should I teach my child, so that he'll be ahead of all other kids?

     How to teach my child to read, so that he will read as early as 2 or even before?

    How to help my child read faster, comprehend more, and remember easily and effortlessly, so that he'll be a brilliant student?

    How can I teach my child math so that he will love math and have fun learning it?

    How can I develop my child's creativity and problem solving skills, so that he will be able to invent new concepts and solve problems easily and effortlessly?

    How to train my child to be a leader?

    How to develop and improve my child's visual and auditory memory to the maximum?

    How to develop my child's coordination, so that he will excel and enjoy all kinds of sports?

    Left and right brain hemispheres, their functions, how to make sure my child develops his whole brain, and how to improve brain hemisphere connectivity? 

    Children and money - how to train my child for financial success?

    How to help my child in school?

    How to motivate my child to apply himself and achieve the best results possible?

    How to strengthen my child's self confidence?

    When and why should I test my child's IQ?

    Up to date whole brain education that develops lightening speed calculations as well as visual memory and creativity?

    and much much more...

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    If you're ready to turn your child into a genius,
     Esther Andrews is definitely a Must read, 
    Must see and Must hear" 
    Matt Bacak, #1 Best Selling Author
    Atlanta, Georgia

    What you will get:

    "The Manual Your Child Should Have Come With: HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR CHILD'S GENIUS" - full of insights, hands on activities and information about how I grew 2 highly gifted kids, and how you can do it too, PLUS Free updates.                                                                          Valued  $69.00

    MP3 recording of "Interviews with Geniuses and their Mothers" - a recording with 4 young adults who grew as profoundly gifted children, and their mothers. An honest and intimate story about their experience, and what they recommend to other children and mothers.      

                                                                                           Valued   $39.00

    MP3 recording of "My Interview with Matt  Bacak the Powerful Promoter".                                                                    Valued   $36.00

    Dr. YKK's ebook "Nurture of Your Child's Creativity                                                                      Valued $36.00

    Michael Losier's Teleconference recording "Teach Your Child the Law of Attraction  (an audio recording in mp3 format)                                    Valued $39.00

    Rhonda Ryder's ebook "Teach Your Child the Law of Attraction                                                                     Valued $36.00

    David's ebook "memory Improvement Techniques"                                                                    Valued $39.00

    Peter Shepherd's "Words of Wisdom" inspirational thoughts.                                                                           Valued $36.00


    One 30 minute one-on-one personal phone consultation with me.                                                                             Valued  $125.00

    One month e-mail support - you can ask any questions you have.                                                                           Valued  $  96.00

    Downloadable sample flash cards for reading and math.                                                                           Valued  $  15.00

    A subscription to the popular "Develop Your child's genius" newsletter.                                                                 Valued  $  36.00

    Teach Your Child to Juggle - an online viewable or downloadable video:                                                                        Valued   $  36.00

    A recording of affirmations for confidence - play it for your child in the evening and in the morning                                                                    Valued   $  16.00

    Future updates and upgrades            Priceless                                                                           

    90 days no questions asked satisfaction guarantee - you have absolutely no risk, you have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with this package for any reason, send us an e-mail for a full refund! 

                                                                              Total Value:    $ 582.00

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    "The Manual Your Child Should Have Come With - How to Develop Your Child's Genius"

    Dear friend, please don't delay ! As you know, the earlier you start working with your child, the better the results! In the last few years, more research has been done into the human brain than ever before. Many new information has been revealed about brain development than ever before! 

    Known researchers have found that the brain grows faster, the younger the child is. It has also been shown in recent research, that the brain keeps growing throughout a person's life. 

    THE RIGHT TIME IS NOW! Please don't miss the opportunity to develop your child's brain to the fullest! Please don't miss the opportunity to give your child the most important gift of all - the gift of GENIUS!

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your information, I really appreciate it.
                The keys and steps you've given have not only helped my son, they have done  tremendous good for me, too. Thank you once again and hope to keep receiving such very helpful and educative information from you."

    I've read your  package "Develop Your Child.....", and visited your web-site,
    I have to tell you that you did a wonderful job, and your package is amazing!
    Dorit Guy

    Thank you for being such a wonderful resource. Your writings and words give me strength to go on. I can focus on what
    I can do, not what I can't  and that is so uplifting.
    God bless you and your family each and every day.
    Sincerely, Taskeen

       I wanted to share my happiness with you regarding my daughter. I started practicing what you had written  regarding visual skills, to make them see from obvious to not so obvious things in each picture.
       I have found a great difference in her observation now. She analyses and observes things which even I don't do. Its so amazing to see her tell " Ma, see there is a dot here, and there is no dot in this", looking at 2 pens.
       I really thank you for writing such nice and wonderful things to bloom our little ones.
    Thanks again and I wish she benefits from the other activities too.

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    Do it now! Start developing your child's genius Today!

    Yours in success,


      Still Skeptical? Then Let Me Ask You
    A Few Questions (And Be Honest!)...


      Would you like your child to achieve his maximum potential? 

      Would you like your child to develop a razor sharp analytical mind?

      Would you like your child to develop the creativity of a genius?

      Would you like your child to read at a lightening speed, comprehend and remember all of it easily and effortlessly?

      Would you like your child to be a brilliant problem solver?

      Would you like your child to be brilliant in everything he does?

      Would you like your child to be ways ahead of the pack?

      Would you like your child to be part of all the exciting gifted and talented programs?

      Would you like your child to get accepted to the leading universities on a scholarship?

      Would you like to create a great bond between you and your child?

           Remember - the best time to start is now! The younger your child, the    faster his brain grows! Don't wait until it's too late - 

       Download "How to Develop Your Child's Genius" TODAY!    

    P.S. Just a reminder - the risk is all mine! You have 90 days to try it out, and if you are not satisfied for any reason at all, just send me an e-mail and I will refund your investment.


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